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Alcohol Consumption and the Risk of Stroke

Limit to a maximum of 1 - 2 drinks per day

A picture of 7 alcoholic drinks

You may have heard alcohol is good for your heart..........but what you may not have heard is that:

  • The health benefits of alcohol apply mainly to people over the age of 45
  • A little goes a long way - one drink every other day is enough
  • Women who exceed the low-risk drinking guidelines have higher rates of cancer and other problems.
  • Men who exceed the low-risk guidelines have higher rates of alcohol related problems.

Overall, drinking too much of any type of alcohol can increase your blood pressure and contribute to the development of heart disease and stroke. Several studies suggest that people who drink moderately have a somewhat lower risk of heart disease and stroke than those who do not drink or who drink excessively. However, if you really want to have an impact on your health, it's better to eat a healthy diet, be physically active most days of the week and become smoke-free.