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Stress Management

What is Stress?

Definition of Stress: An arousal of the mind/body in response to demands made upon us.

These arousals are also called stressors and can actually be a positive thing. Stress stimulates us and helps us to perform at our peak in times of need and allows us to react quickly. Problems develop when a stressor turns into distress. Distress is a negative perception or reaction to the stressor. It is based on our thoughts

Examples of Stressors

Physical or Environmental: work pressure, peer pressure, social isolation, information overload, family, financial, illness

Natural Disasters: fires, airplane crashes, earthquakes

Major life changes: divorce, retirement, loss/change of job, empty nest, death

Hassles: day to day aggravations such as traffic, long line ups, financial concerns

Personality: poor health habits, inflexibility, perfectionism, jealousy